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Tele Callers

We are looking for a reliable Tele caller to contact debtors and claim outstanding debts towards their creditors.You will be responsible for recovering the money owed in as little time as possible.

This position can be challenging.A Tele caller will have to be polite and sensitive towards people while also remaining committed to their purpose and persistent.Excellent communication skills and a sense of urgency are extremely useful to succeed in this task.

  • Experience in working with targets and tight deadlines
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and databases
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Apt in negotiating and persuading
  • Ability to be polite and compassionate without lacking confidence
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Comply with requirements when legal action is unavoidable

Keep track of assigned accounts to identify outstanding debts

Plan course of action to recover outstanding payments

Locate and contact debtors to inquire of their payment status

Negotiate payoff deadlines or payment plans

Handle questions or complaints

Investigate and resolve discrepancies

Create trust relationships with debtors when possible to avoid future issues

Update account status and database regularly

Alert superiors of debtors unwilling or unable to pay when necessary

Comply with requirements when legal action is unavoidable